Do Acoustic Guitars Sound Better With Age [Top 4 Reasons]

Almost all guitarists love to have acoustic guitars. Some keep them out of the love of acoustic guitar, some like to have a collection of them, and some think that acoustic guitars sound well with age. But do acoustic guitars sound better with age? Should we get old acoustic guitars, and why do they sound good with age?

So, if you are confused about acoustic guitar sound and their age, we must clarify that acoustic guitars do sound well with age. With time the wood gets hard, the moisture is removed, the resonance increases and the body starts to get light. All of these factors help an acoustic guitar sound well with age.

So, if you wanna know more about this age and the sound secret of acoustic guitar, below we have all the details. Here we will enrich you about the sound and the age of the acoustic guitar. So, to get your answers, follow the article to the end.


Acoustic guitar sound well with age: A myth or reality

It is debatable whether or not an acoustic guitar sounds well with age. Some guitarists think that acoustic guitars sound better with age, while others deny this fact. So, what actually is the truth?

Well, the sound and its betterment with age depend entirely on the treatment of the guitar, the type of wood, and the brand.

There’re a lot of acoustic guitars that get better with age; however, some of them get worse as they age. So, what is the defining factor behind it?

The very first reason behind it is how we treat an acoustic guitar. Guitars are like pets, they should be treated with utter care, or they will not last long. So, if you keep your acoustic guitar safe from direct sun, moisture, and dust, it is certain that they are going to get better with age.

But if you do not take good care of your guitar, there is no chance of them getting better.

Secondly, the wood used in a guitar also plays an important role in the sound of the guitar with its age. If the manufacturer has used wood like mahogany and rosewood, the guitar will surely sound amazing with age.

But, if the material used is local, you know better what would happen.

Lastly, the thing that matters the most is the brand of that particular guitar. Guitars are meant to be finalized with finishing and detailing. But, to enhance the production, a lot of manufacturers do the manufacturing work in a hurry, leaving minor details untouched.

So, if this is the case, then no matter how well you keep the guitar and how good the wood is, the guitar will not sound well. But, if the manufacturing is done the right way, your guitar will age like a fine wine.

All in all, the betterment of the sound of an acoustic guitar depends on these three things. So, if you wanna check whether or not a guitar will sound well with age, check these three things first. It would help you a lot.

4 Reasons Why Old Acoustic Guitars Sound Well

Above, we have discussed some factors that determine whether a guitar will sound well with age or not. Now, we will let you know about four of the main reasons why old acoustic guitars sound better.

1. Usage of quality wood in old guitars

Today, take any of the acoustic guitars of the 1900s, and you will find it sounds amazingly soothing. It sounds better than any of our modern-day guitars, and the reason behind it is the usage of quality wood. In the early days, guitar manufacturers used to utilize the best type of woods, including pure mahogany and rosewood.

These are two of the best types of woods, and their purest version is quite rare to find nowadays.

Today, only some of the most expensive brands use these woods, and their guitars are worth playing. So, when you use these woods, they offer you an impressive sound when they are fresh, and as soon as they start to dry, they create more resonance.

In short, the quality of the wood is the reason we find most of the old acoustic guitars sound well.

2. Old guitars were crafted by hand.

Another big reason behind old acoustic guitars sounding well is their craftsmanship. Old guitars were crafted with hands and by ultimate care and finishing.

Today, almost all the guitars are made through machines, which do not sound like the ones which are made by hands.

So, any guitar that is made from hands will sound way better than the one made with the help of a machine.

3. The harder surface of the old guitar helps them sound well.

Whether you have noticed it or not, wood shrinks with time. The reason behind it is that the wood dries with time, and water and moisture inside it dries up too. So, to fill that gap, the wood shrinks.

Due to shrinking, the wood gets hard, and the intermolecular space is narrowed. This is something that helps the wood reflect more sound, and thus the guitar starts to sound well.

So, check it, and you will find that only wooden acoustic guitars sound well with age. None of the fiber guitars will sound well with age.

4. The wood becomes more resonant.

You might have noticed that when wood shrinks and dries up, it becomes lighter. As the moisture is removed, the wood becomes lighter, and due to this phenomenon, the resonance of the guitar is increased, the vibrations are great, and the sound is better and louder.

So, resonance with the passage of time is one of the core reasons for old acoustic guitars to sound well.

Will electric guitars sound louder with age?

The answer to this question varies. In simple terms, it is clear that electric guitars do not sound better with age. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars aren’t hollow, and the difference in the wood is not too much.

However, the reason why the answer to this question varies is because of the player. If you have had an acoustic guitar for years and suddenly you start to feel that the guitar is sounding better, then it is not the guitar that sounds better; it is you that makes the guitar sound well.

On an electric guitar, with time, you will be able to find some keynotes that hit differently.

So, if you have found those notes on your electric guitar, the guitar would surely sound better. And some of us think that the guitar is sounding better due to its age.

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Do guitars weigh lighter with age?

Yes, they do. With time, the moisture of the wooden guitars dries up, and this causes the guitar to lose moisture. However, this happens after years, and if you are using that same guitar regularly, you will not even feel the difference as it is quite low.

However, do not try to put your guitar under the sun as it will not affect the weight, but it can destroy the body of the guitar.

Is a new guitar better than an old one?

If you are a new guitarist and want to have an old guitar just because you have heard that they sound well, then we ask you to drop your decision. It is not proven that all acoustic guitars sound well with age. So, why would you spend your money on something uncertain?

So, what we ask is, if you have no new guitar, get a new guitar first, and if you have enough budget, you are good to go for an old guitar.

Are vintage guitars worth buying?

Well, if you have got the money, everything is worth a buy. If you do not know, then we must tell you that vintage guitars cost thousands of dollars. So, we only suggest you get a vintage guitar only if you want to have a collection of guitars and you have got enough money.

But, if you are getting a vintage guitar over a new guitar, we would never appreciate your decision. First, have a new guitar and then move towards a vintage one.

Will a mahogany guitar sound good with age?

There is no doubt that any mahogany guitar will sound better with age. Mahogany is the best type of wood ever used for manufacturing guitars.

So, if you have a guitar made up of mahogany and you expect it to sound better with age, it will surely fulfill your will. A mahogany guitar will always sound well. No matter if it is old or new, it will sound better. So, never hesitate to get a mahogany guitar.

Are old acoustic guitars more expensive than new ones?

It is something that depends entirely on brands and the manufacturer. Though there are some old guitars that are more expensive than most of the new guitars.

However, there are some new guitars that would cost as much or even more than a vintage guitar. Hence, this is something that depends on the manufacturer, brand, and guitar type. It has nothing to do with old or new. 


If you wanted to ask if the acoustic guitar sounds better with age or not, this might be the best draft for you. Here we have offered you tons of examples and reasons why acoustic guitars sound well with time and why they are better than today’s guitars. But, if you think that we have missed anything, let us know. We will be there to assist you at any time.

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