Semi-Hollow Vs Hollow Body Guitars [Which is Better]

Those who play guitar will agree that they at least once thought which guitar is better, a semi-hollow or the hollow body guitar. It is something that most guitarists argue about, and all of them have different ideologies. So, for you to find the answer with ease, we will school you on everything about a Semi-Hollow Vs. Hollow Body guitar.

Therefore, if you’re one of those who always struggle to find the right answer to this question, this is the article to follow. Here we will provide you with a fine and neutral comparison between a hollow body and a semi-hollow guitar.


Features of Hollow body Guitars

Before comparing a hollow body guitar with a semi-hollow guitar, we suggest you have a look at the features of these guitars. And, to offer you ease and comfort, here we will introduce you to some of the best features of both guitars, starting with the hollow body.


Talking about the looks, a hollow body guitar is something that is the dream of every music-loving kid. Its classic looks, iconic design, and impressively soft and smooth sound are something that attracts all eyes.

So, if we talk about the looks, the hollow body guitar remains behind nothing.

They are mostly available in classic old-school guitar looks, but today you can also get an electric hollow body guitar. Hence, in looks, the hollow body guitar is something that everyone would love to have.


Considering the body shape, a hollow body guitar offers a richer sound with higher resonance. Along with it, the thing to love about the sound of this particular guitar is that they produce a super smooth sound that is a pleasure to hear on all occasions.

The best thing about the sound of a hollow body guitar is that it will produce as much effect without an amp as it does with an amp plugged in.

The tone and resonance will remain the same; only the volume will decrease. This is the most common reason why people bet on a hollow body guitar more.


This is something that depends on the brand and the manufacturer. Though hollow-body guitars are slightly fragile and easily break if they fall, the durability of the guitar always depends on the manufacturer.

We are telling you from our personal experience that there are some manufacturers whose guitars do not even last months and the body starts to have cracks.

So, the durability of a guitar is never determined by its type and shape. It is something that we gauge by looking at the manufacturers.

But, if you ask in general, then we must tell you that as these guitars are not solid so if they fall, they have higher chances of breaking or cracking compared to other types of guitars.

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There are a lot of hollow-body guitars that you can get, but here we will introduce you to two of the best hollow-body guitars. For you to have the right to choose, we have brought both electric and acoustic hollow-body guitars for you.

So, if you are looking for an electric hollow body guitar, then there is nothing better than the Gretsch Hollow Body Golddust guitar.

However, if you’re looking for an acoustic hollow body guitar, there are a lot of options to choose from. But, for you to choose the best out of the rest, we suggest you have a look at the Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar. It is one of the best hollow-body acoustic guitars that I have ever been through.

Features of Semi-Hollow body Guitars

Like a hollow body guitar, we also need to look at the features of a semi-hollow body guitar. Doing this will allow us to have a fine and comprehensive differentiation between these two types of guitar.

So let’s begin having a detailed view of the features of a Semi-hollow body guitar.


If we talk about the looks, then both hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars are super impressive. You’ll be surprised to know that some of them also look the same, only the interior is different.

So, if you are going to compare these guitars by looks, then it will be a huge mistake. Both of these guitars almost have the same looks. Whether you check the acoustic or the electric version, these guitars are almost the same.


When compared to a hollow body guitar, a semi-hollow body guitar will have a lower sound resonance, but the sound will be sharp, fresh, and a bit metallic.

These are the guitars that in the 2000s, most the famous guitarists used to play for making an impactful sound on the audience.

These guitars are used to create a fresh sound that everyone loves to have. Along with it, when compared to a hollow body guitar, a semi-hollow body guitar has more impact on the audience due to its metallic sound.

All in all, if you love blues, then a hollow body guitar is perfect, but for those who have metallic music taste, a semi-hollow body guitar will work fine.


As we mentioned before, the durability of a guitar is dependent on the brand, manufacturer, and the type of material used for manufacturing the product.

However, if we compare a hollow body and a semi-hollow body guitar, then the semi-hollow body guitars are a bit more durable than the hollow body guitar. But, this does not happen in all cases.

There are a lot of models to bet on. But, here we are going to provide you with two of the best semi-hollow body guitar models that you are going to love at all costs.

First, if you are looking for a more futuristic guitar, then we ask you to look at GROTE Full-Scale Semi-Hollow Body Guitar. It is one of the finest semi-hollow body guitars that you will ever have.

However, those who love old-school and vintage-looking guitars they should bet on Ibanez Artcore 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar. Whether we talk about looks, sound, or durability, the guitar disappoints nowhere.

Similarities (Hollow body and Semi-Hollow Body Guitars)

You’d be surprised to know that there are a lot of similarities between a hollow body and a semi-hollow body guitar. We would say that they are so similar to each other that some of the beginners confuse a semi-hollow body guitar as a hollow body one.

First of all, the look and shape of these two guitar types are almost the same. If you are talking about an acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar, then we would say that as a beginner, you will find no difference.

Second, the sound production is almost similar, though there is a difference between resonance and the tone, the sound production, and the clarity are almost synchronized.

Main differences (Hollow and Semi-Hollow Guitars)

The main difference between hollow and semi-hollow guitars is the inner part. Other differences are sound production, weight, and handling.

If we talk about the differences in detail, then you will find a lot of them. Though they look similar, there are a lot of major and minor differences that you will find if you look keenly into them.

First of all, these two guitars look similar from the outside, but the inner part is completely different.

A hollow-body guitar is finely hollow from the inside, while the semi-hollow body guitar is filled with wood and other stuff, including the mechanical instrument of the guitar.

Second, the sound production of these two guitars varies a lot. Though the clarity and tone of the sound are almost similar, the resonance, freshness, sharpness, and smoothness of the sound are something that varies a lot.

A hollow-body guitar will have a smoother sound with higher resonance, while the semi-hollow body guitar produces a bit sharper and metallic sound.

Pros and Cons of Hollow Body Guitars


  • Better resonance
  • Richer and smoother sound
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry


  • Are not good for the metallic sound
  • Rarely available as an electric guitar

Pros and Cons of Semi-Hollow Body Guitars


  • The fresh and sharp sound
  • Great for metallic and pop music
  • Louder sound
  • More durable


  • Do not work well for jazz music
  • Heavier


To conclude, we are good to say that if you have any confusion about the hollow body and semi-hollow body guitar, then this guitar has clarified everything. Above, we have provided a clear comparison of Semi-Hollow Vs. Hollow Body Guitar. So, if you had any issues while selecting any of these guitars, we hope that we have clarified them.

However, if you feel anything missing, then feel free to inform us. We will always be there to assist you.


Are semi-hollow guitars hard to play?

Not at all. If you are a guitarist, then there is no such guitar that is hard to play. What you need is just some practice. However, the only guitar that you will find hard to play is a 12-string guitar. Other than that, there is no guitar that is hard to play.

Can you play a semi-hollow body guitar without an amp?

There are two scenarios. If you have an acoustic semi-hollow body guitar, then you are good to play it without an amp. But if you use an electric guitar, then we will never suggest you use it without an amp. Using an electric semi-hollow body guitar will not be a good idea. It will not produce a quality sound, and above all, the sound of the guitar will be too low that no one would hear it finely.

Why do hollow-body guitars sound different?

The reason why hollow-body guitars sound different is the amount of space their body has. The greater the space, the higher the resonance will be, and this is what creates a unique and smooth sound that everyone loves to hear.

Are semi-hollow guitars loud acoustically?

Yes, they sound louder acoustically. However, if you talk about an electric guitar, then its tone will be way higher than a semi-hollow body guitar. But when we compare it with an acoustic hollow body guitar, the tone of a semi-hollow body guitar will be louder and sharp due to the higher amount of vibration created.

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