About Us

Rock Shop Guitars was an eCommerce website, starting approximately 17 years ago in SPRINGFIELD, IL USA.

The store was closed in 2017 and the ROCKSHOPGUITAR.COM domain expired and was later on sold by Godaddy Auctions.

We successfully won a bid and purchased a domain in July 2021.

Now Rockshopguitras is a website, publishing helpful content about guitars and accessories. Information includes how-to guides, product buying guides, and product reviews.

Our Mission

Rockshopguitars’ mission is to provide in-depth, authentic, and well-researched knowledge and solutions to every aspect of all types of guitars, Pedals, and accessories, whether they are electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Bass guitars, or other types of guitars. Our target audience is beginner guitar players, guitar enthusiasts, and music lovers, who want to know about traditional and latest trends, knowledge, and fixes about guitars.

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