Does Guitar Weight Matter?

If you are a guitarist, then we bet that once in your life, you must have a question that guitar weight matters. It is something that, as a guitarist, we all go through. But, if you still have got no proper answer to this question, then you are at the right place at the right time.

People usually think that the weight of the guitar is designed for different kinds of people. However, the guitar and its weight have nothing to do with the people or their capacity to play. It is linked only with the sound and tonality of the guitar.

Today, we have come here to school you on every single thing about guitar weight and how much it matters while playing guitar. Here, we have brought for you a perfect guide that not only tells you whether or not guitar size matters but will also introduce you to some of the best lightweight and heavy-weight guitars.


Why Are Some Guitars Heavy and Some Lightweight?

We have a question about why some guitars are lightweight, and some are so heavy-weighted that we sometimes fail to pick them up with a single hand. Most of us think that lightweight guitars are for beginners and kids, and heavy-weights are for professionals.

However, no such thing exists in the guitar world. The weight of the guitar is directly proportional to the wood type, tone, and sound of the guitar. The reason why some guitars are heavy and some light is due to the type of wood and the depth of the guitar.

There are guitars that are made up of light wood, having a hollow and thin body. These are the guitars that weigh so light that you can pick them up with two fingers.

However, these guitars fail to produce rich and deep music. They have lower sustain, and the resonance of these guitars is way lower than heavy guitars. These guitars are for those who prefer light and sharp music.
On the other hand, the heavy-weight guitars are those having being made up of heavy wood, having a great thickness, and solid or semi-hollow bodies. These guitars are famous for producing richer and denser music when compared with lightweight guitars. Along with it, they have more excellent sustain and resonance.

Furthermore, it must not say that thick bodies and heavier guitars have a fuller, denser, warmer, and louder sound that everyone loves to hear.

However, there is no flaw in either a light body or a heavy body guitar. They are designed for people having different tastes in music, and you can choose whatever fits your music taste.

Does Really Guitar Weight Matter?

Well, this depends from musician to musician. If we talk about the weight and the tone of the guitar, then certainly, guitar weight matters. As discussed above, a guitar with a heavy-weight and denser body will have more sustain.

Along with it, a guitar with more weight will have a richer tone that is preferred by all types of music lovers, especially blues and jazz music lovers. But, if your concerns are about guitar weight and its handling, then this is not going to be a serious issue if you are a professional or even an intermediate guitarist.

The weight of the guitar is only a concern if you are talking musically. However, it must not go without saying that those who have been practicing all their life on a lightweight guitar will initially find it hard to play a denser and heavy-weight guitar.

Other than that, there is no issue while playing a heavy-weight or a lightweight guitar.

Which Type Of Guitar is Heavy?

It’s one of the most asked questions, and the irony is that people usually confuse the type of guitar with the guitar brands. Though there are certain brands famous for manufacturing only heavy-weight guitars, the type of guitar must never be confused with a brand.

So, if you are thinking about which type of guitar is heavy, then this is the perfect place to land on.

First, the guitar that is considered most heavy among all is an all-wood solid-body guitar. It is one of the richer in sound and heavier guitars available on the market.

The reason behind it is that they are made up of pure wood and have no hollow space in the body. Such guitars are usually manufactured by Les Paul. They are one of the leading brands in manufacturing solid body heavy-weight guitars.

Second, the guitars that are heavy in weight but slightly lesser than the solid body guitars are semi-solid body guitars. They are usually electric guitars and have most of their body solid, and some parts are left hollow for richer sound production even when the amp is off.

Lastly, the guitars that you can consider heavy are the fiber hollow body guitars. They are one of the less used guitars but trust us; they sound impressive. We ourselves had one of the fiber guitars, and its music was beyond expectation.

Which Type of Guitar is Lightweight?

If you want to know which types of guitars are light weighted, then you will have to shift your concentration from electric guitars because most of the lightweight guitars are not electric.

In some rare cases, you may get a lightweight electric guitar, but that is not as good as heavy-weight guitars.

So the types of lightweight guitars include:

First, acoustic guitars are one of the lightweight guitars that you can get from the market. They are completely hollow bodies, and their sound provision is so impressive that you will never bet on anything else of lighter and smooth sound production.

Second, the lightweight guitar type that you may have is a semi-acoustic guitar. They are similar to acoustic guitars, but the difference is that they come with a built-in amplifier, tuner, and sound adjuster. These things occupy a bit of space, and due to their weight, they are slightly heavier than acoustic ones.

Lastly, the guitar type that comes under the lightweight category is the travel guitar. They are modern-day and unconventional guitars.

They are lighter and way shorter in size than an orthodox guitar. The reason why they are lightweight is that most of them are made up of lightweight wood, and they do not have a proper body like an orthodox guitar.

Famous Lightweight Guitars

There’re a lot of guitars that fall in the lightweight guitar category. If we talk about the brands, then Ibanez and Fender are the leading brands to manufacture lightweight guitars.

There’re a lot of other brands that produce great lightweight guitars, but the quality Ibanez and Fender provide is unmatched.

However, if we talk about particular guitars, then we have two of the most impressive guitars. They are lightweight and sound amazing.

First, we would like you to have a look at the Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar. It weighs only 7.5 pounds and looks impressive in shape and color. The sound provision is also richer and deeper than various other lightweight guitars.

Second, if you want to have the best lightweight guitar, we suggest you have a look at Fender Squier 3/4 Size Mini Electric Guitar There is no other old-school guitar that looks, sounds, and performs better than this masterpiece. It is the best lightweight guitar that you can have for yourself.

Famous heavy-weight Guitars

If you want to know about some of the most famous and best heavy-weight guitars, then we ask you to look for guitars manufactured by Les Paul and Yamaha. However, we know that you want to save your time, so for you, we have already researched two of the best guitars of both of these brands.

So, if you want a heavy-weight Les Paul guitar, then there is no better choice than betting on ILS-300 EGR Les Paul Solid-Body Electric Guitar. It is one of the finest heavy-weight guitars that Les Paul ever produced. Whether you talk about the look, sound, or grip, everything is beyond perfection.

If you are looking for a heavy-weight guitar manufactured by Yamaha, then have a look at the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar. Its looks, sound, and grip are second to none.

Why do guitar weights vary?

The reason behind the varying guitar weights is the wood type, the type of guitars, and the sound provision. The heavy body guitars are richer in sound, and their body type is usually solid, having been made up of heavy wood.

On the other hand, acoustic and hollow-body guitars have sharp and smooth sounds with lightweight wood used for manufacturing.

Are our heavy-weight guitars hard to play?

Not at all. We have discussed earlier that heavy-weight guitars are never too hard to play. They are as normal as lightweight guitars. Only those who have never played a heavy-weight guitar will find it a bit awkward to play it and that too on stage. Other than that, they are good to play.

Should a beginner always choose a lightweight guitar?

No, there is no such rule that a beginner should always choose a lightweight guitar. If your music taste fits the heavy-weight guitar, then no one will force you to bet on a lightweight guitar, and playing a heavy-weight guitar is not a hard nut to crack.

Are lightweight guitars poor in their sound?

No, they are not. Lightweight guitars are also as amazing as heavy-weight guitars. The only thing that varies is their sound, the weight, and the tonality. So, if you had the misconception that a lightweight guitar is not good in sound, then wipe it off. I own a lightweight guitar, and it performs as well as a heavy-weight.


To conclude, it is fine to say that this article is the perfect bet for those having confusion about the guitars and their weight. Above, we have clarified every single confusion that you had for heavy and lightweight guitars. Whether it was the sound issue or the grip of the playing style, the article has left no stone unturned.

So, if you had any issue regarding the weight of the guitar, we are sure that it has been clarified. However, if there is any confusion left, let us know. We would love to help you out.

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