How Do I Know If My Guitar Needs A Neck Reset?

The Guitar neck is one of the most important parts of your guitar. It is something that accounts for the sound production of the instrument. But, there are occasions when your guitar neck is not finely placed and needs a replacement. So, if you are asking how do I know if my guitar needs a neck reset, here is the article to follow.

The things that you need to check before replacing a guitar neck are the bend on the neck, the sound of the guitar, and the action of the guitar even after adjustment. If these three things are not well, you certainly need a neck replacement.

However, if you want to have things in detail, follow the article below. Here, we will guide you in detail about the things that you need to check before going for a neck reset.


How often will I have to rest my guitar neck?

This is something that most guitarists ask, and it is what possesses an appropriate answer. The age of the neck is not determined, and it depends from brand to brand and from person to person.

There are people who ask for a guitar neck reset after every few years, and we have seen people who will not change their neck for decades. So, this is something that depends on the brand of the guitar and how you use it.

A local brand guitar will ask for a neck reset after every 5 to 8 years. However, if you take care of the guitar well, a local guitar’s neck can last for as long as a decade.

Now, if we talk about a branded guitar that is taken care of well, then its neck can last from 10 to 25 years. So, the age of the neck of a guitar depends entirely on the brand and the person that is using it.

Is it possible to do a neck reset at home?

Well, this is something that depends on how expert you are and what tools you possess. A guitar neck can be replaced at home, but if you are doing it for fun and have no expertise in replacing the neck of the guitar, you will end up ruining your guitar.

However, if you have got all the instruments and you know how to replace the neck of a guitar, then it is certainly possible to replace the neck of your guitar.

However, you need to keep in mind that the neck replacement needs to be done with perfection. A minor error during the replacement process can lead to a lousy guitar sound.

So, do it only if you have experience of doing it and you have got proper neck replacing tools. Other than that, we would ask you to take the guitar to a workshop for neck replacement.

Three signs to know if your guitar needs a neck reset

Replacing and understanding when to replace a guitar neck is quite a hard thing to do. However, we have brought for you some of the most important ways that will help you to understand when you should replace the neck of your guitar. So, follow the article religiously and get to know all of the unknown questions.

1- Lose neck: A clear sign for reset

One of the signs that will tell you about a neck reset is the looseness of the neck. Generally, the neck of a guitar is either screwed tightly, or it is glued so well that you will feel no stretch in them. But, there are cases while traveling or during a guitar fall, the neck becomes loose. It is something that we would never like to face, but it happens.

So, if your guitar neck seems loose, the guitar will stop sounding fine, and you will either have to go to a repair shop or change the neck of the guitar. However, if you ask us for suggestions, we would ask you to replace the neck if it has been lost for any reason.

2- Bended neck: Something that a truss rod can

In an old guitar with steel strings, the major sign you will find indicating a neck replacement is a bent neck. A bent neck is something no guitarist would like, but it is inevitable in old guitars. A guitar with steel strings possesses more tension on the neck than the one with nylon strings.

So, if you have been using steel strings, you will start witnessing a slight bend in the neck.

During the early years of the guitar, the bend can be removed by the truss rod, but there will be a time when the truss rod will reach its limit, and you will have to go for a neck replacement.

So, if your guitar’s neck is witnessing a bend that is not going away with the help of a truss rod, go for replacing the neck.

3- The action of the guitar: Higher than expected

The most common sign that will indicate to you the condition of the neck is the action of your guitar. As soon as the guitar turns old, the action starts to rise, and there is a point when it reaches its peak, and you cannot lower it through the truss rod. So, if this is the case, then you will have to go for a neck replacement.

Also, if you are thinking of experimenting with your truss rod, then keep in mind that the neck might break if you apply too much pressure on the rod.


To conclude, it would be fine to say that if you were confused about how to know if my guitar needs a neck reset or not, this article is the solution. Here, we have guided you in detail about everything that you needed to know before going for a guitar neck reset. However, if you are still not sure about anything or need assistance, do let us know. We will always be there to help you out.


Do Martin guitars need a neck reset?

Yes, they do. Any guitar that you are using will demand a neck reset at a certain point in your life. It may be in a year, ten years, or twenty years, but the guitar will surely demand a neck reset. So, no matter if you have a Martin or any other guitar, due to the tension put on the neck, the guitar will demand a neck reset.

Do acoustic guitars need a neck reset?

Yes, they also need a neck reset. Most acoustic guitars come with steel strings, and this is one of the main reasons that they need a neck reset. With steel strings, there will be more pressure on the neck of the guitar, and if you are playing your guitar continuously, your guitar neck will demand a neck reset. So, the neck reset does not depend on the type of guitar; it depends on the string type and the quality of wood used for manufacturing the neck of your guitar.

What should I use to check my acoustic guitar neck?

Well, most professional guitarists use their eyes as a gauging tool for checking the neck. However, if you are new to the guitar world and you feel your guitar neck is not performing well, we would ask you to get a feeler gauge. It is one of the best ways to check whether or not your guitar neck needs a reset. You need to measure the activity of the guitar from various angles, and you will have your answer. However, if you are an amateur, we ask you to get expert advice. 

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