Why Is Playing Guitar So Addictive

Is there anyone who did not wish to play guitar at least once in their childhood? Well, some of them continue their passion for guitar and turn out to be guitar freaks. For them, the guitar is everything. Their days do not even pass if they do not practice guitar. However, have you ever thought about why some people are so crazy about their guitar and why is playing guitar so addictive?

Well, the main reason behind guitar being so addictive is its fresh, sharp, and yet soothing sound. This helps you feel relaxed, and only those who play can witness how good it feels to play guitar. Along with it, playing guitar utilizes both the right and the left parts of your brain making you more active and critical while playing.

Now, if you’re interested to know more about guitar and its addiction, we have a deal for you. For anyone who wants to have a deep insight into what makes the guitar so addictive, this article is for you. Below, we’ll explain in detail some of the most common factors behind guitar being so addictive.


Can You Get Addicted To Playing Guitar?

Certainly, you can get addicted to playing guitar. We know that most of you are not going to agree with this statement, but this is the reality. Once you learn how to play with guitar notes, there will be no addiction for you save guitar.

The reason why most people think that guitar is not addictive at all is because of their failure to master a guitar. A guitar is one of the hardest instruments to learn, and most people leave it in the early stages of learning. And this is the reason why they do not find guitar addictive. However, for those who know how to play the guitar well, it is going to be their addiction for sure.

The playability guitar allows with its notes, and the sharpness and freshness of music you get with it are matchless. Therefore, there is no doubt that you can get addicted to playing guitar.

[5] Reasons Why Guitar Is So Addictive To Play

We have heard a lot that a guitar will make you addicted. But, no one will tell you the factors that make the guitar so addictive. So, if you also want to know the factors behind guitar being so addictive, we are here for you.

Below, you will get to know some of the most crucial factors that make guitar so addictive for you to play all day.

1- Soothing Sound: Something You Would Love To Experience

One of the most important things that make the guitar so addictive is the soothing sound you get when you hit the strings. The guitar is known mostly for producing fresh and sharp sound, but those who know will admit that there is no more soothing thing than creating sound using the lower strings of your guitar.

The lower strings of your guitar vibrate more and offer higher resonance. This is what makes the sound so soothing that you can even sleep peacefully while listening to good musicians hitting the lower strings of their guitars. So, for us at least, the soothing sound of the guitar is what makes it so addictive for most people.

2- Playing With Notes Is What Guitar Offers The Best

A normal guitar comes up with six strings and more or less 22 frets. For a normal person, there are only six strings and some frets. But, for a true guitarist, there are a thousand ways of creating music. There is no better instrument that allows more freedom of playing with notes than a guitar. Once you’re into it, there is no way out.

So, if you wanted to know what on earth is responsible for making guitar so addictive, it is nothing but the freedom of playing with different notes with just your fingertips.

3- A Single Instrument For All Songs

If you know even the ABC of guitar, you will agree that this is one of the very few instruments that you can pick and play with any song. A guitarist and a vocalist are what you only need to produce some of the best songs. Most of the vocalists use only a guitar for their live performances and jamming sessions.

Along with it, for singing a cover, there is no better instrument to use than a guitar. The variety of chord progressions and strumming patterns allows you to play any song with no issues faced. What you need is intermediate information about playing guitar, and you are good to go.

4- Freshness Of Music Produced

The guitar is one of those instruments known for producing fresh and new music whenever you hit the strings. So, whether you need to play a soulful song or pop music is your choice, a guitar is what helps you get the right notes and helps you compose with ease.

Along with it, on stage, after a vocalist, a guitarist is who gets the most attention from the audience. And we have also witnessed scenes when guitarists totally rock the stage with their soulful solos. So, fresh music is also one of the factors responsible for making a guitar so addictive.

5- Helps You Produce Music To The Best

After a harmonium, a guitar is a widely known instrument for producing music. Whether you are working on a new composition or want to improvise a readily made composition, a guitar is what helps you do it to the best. Along with it, most people who have already worked on their lyrics use a guitar to compose their songs.

This is why they use a guitar all the time when they are composing new music. And for us, this is one of the most important factors in making guitar so addictive that you’ll not take your eyes off it while composing.

Why Does Playing Guitar Feel So Good?

Well, if we talk about guitarists, then there is no good reason why playing guitar feels so good. For us, a guitar is the only way of unending happiness, and this is where we craft our joy from. But, if we look at it from a general perspective, playing guitar has various positive effects on our brain. And this is one of the core reasons why playing and even listening to guitar feels so good.

Various studies have concluded that music and especially the guitar helps to release dopamine in your brain. Dopamine helps to enhance creative thoughts, improves cognitive functions, and helps to focus and improve attention.

So, if you want to know the scientific reason why playing guitar feels good, then the reason is nothing but the release of dopamine. So, if you ever feel down or want to have fun around you, just grab a guitar and strum the way you want to.

What Does Playing Guitar Do To Your Brain?

Most guitarists and even listeners have experienced changes in their thinking power. Well, the reason behind this is the improvement of gray matter in your mind. Gray matter is one of the outer layers of your brain and this is what is responsible for your memory and all.

So, if you are continuously listening to the guitar, your memory will improve considerably. This is why most guitarists remember so many notes, chord progressions, strumming patterns, and such difficult things with ease.

Along with it, the best part about it is that with the passage of your age, the memory will not decline. So, playing or even listening to the guitar will allow you to improve your memory with no effort placed.

Are Guitarists Smart?

Not only guitarists but all those who practice music or play any instrument are smart. The reason behind it is simple. While playing any instrument, especially the guitar, we use both the right and the left parts of our brains. The right part is responsible for creative stuff, and the left one helps you to think better and respond well.

So, when you are creating new music, you use both parts of your brain, and this helps you not only in music but also in other everyday stuff too. So, if you are thinking of getting a guitar, go get it, and it will help you in many ways.

Does Playing Guitar Have Any Demerits?

Well, if you ask a guitarist, you will never find the demerits of playing the guitar. However, if you anyhow want to know the demerits, then there are a few that you will find only as a beginner.

1- Fingers And Wrist Pain

As a beginner, the most common issue that you will face is finger and wrist pain. We need to press the strings of our guitar with our fingertips, and this is the most sensitive part of our hands.

So, in the early days, you will feel a lot of pressure, eventually resulting in pain. Also, when you bend your wrist around the fretboard, there is going to be a lot of pain in your hands. So, this is what you may consider one of the cons of playing guitar.

2- Consumes A Lot Of Time

One thing that led many of the beginners to quit was the time consumed while learning guitar. The guitar is one of the hardest things to learn and takes a lot of time.

So, most beginners count the time consumed while learning guitar as a disadvantage. Other than that, there is no big disadvantage to playing the guitar.

3- Back And Neck Pain

If you are addicted to playing guitar, the most common demerit you are going to face is neck and back pain. While playing guitar, you need to bend onto the guitar, and doing it for so long will cause stiff neck and shoulder pain.

So, for those who are addicted to playing guitar, this can be a con. However, we know that those who are addicted to playing guitar, you will never count anything as a con.


To conclude, we are good to say that knowing you know the best is why playing guitar is so addictive. Whether you are an intermediate, a beginner, or someone who knows nothing about guitar, this article has tried its best to help you know what makes the guitar so addictive.

Along with it above, we have also answered some of the most-asked questions about guitars and their addiction. However, if you find anything missing or need any additional information, let us know. We will be there to assist you.

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