How To Tighten Acoustic Guitar Input Jack

Playing an acoustic, semi-acoustic, or electric guitar is quite a fun thing to do. However, things may go south for you if the input jack is not working finely. It may happen in two cases. First, the input jack is out of order, or the jack is a bit loose. Therefore, what will you do in such conditions? Do you even know how to tighten an acoustic guitar input jack?

There are various methods of tightening up an input jack. You can do it by tightening the inner nut and the out nut of the jack. Along with it, if the jack is old, then replacing the jack will be enough and if you feel any damage in the guitar body, then take it for a repair.

However, if you are unable to understand the procedure, follow the article below. Here, we will introduce you to some of the best ways to tighten up the input jack of any acoustic guitar.


Reasons for the loose acoustic guitar input jack

Old jack: The biggest cause

One of the main reasons for a loose input jack is its age. An input jack is simply a bolt. With time, the thread of the bolt starts to decompose, and there is a time when it leaves the grip of the guitar. In this case, the input jack would become a bit lose, and you might also feel distortion in the sound.

Using input jack, a strap knob

In most acoustic guitars, the input jack is used as the strap knob. So, if you have been using the input jack as a strap knob for a while, it is quite possible that it might get loose. The input jack cannot hold the weight of the guitar for so long and results in losing its grip.

Damaged Guitar Body

With time, the guitar gets damaged. No matter how carefully we treat our guitars, there are moments when you damage them unintentionally. So, if the input jack part of the guitar is damaged or cracked, it might be the reason for it to be loose.

Loose inside nut: The most probable reason

While putting in and taking out the input jack, we guitarists are the most careless persons. We put it with force and take it out rigorously. Doing it continuously may loosen up the inner nut of the input jack, and this is the reason why your input jack is a bit loose.

Steps to tighten acoustic guitar input jack

We all know that it’s hard to tighten up the input jack. And if the issue is with the inner part of the jack, repairing it becomes impossible for some of us. So, if you wanna know the best ways to repair your input jack, follow the instructions below.

Check/remove the outer nut

First of all, you’ll have to check whether the issue is with the outer nut only if you need to reach out to the inner part of the jack too. For this, you need to tighten up the outer nut of the input jack. Get a small screwdriver and stick it into the tiny hole of the input jack. After that, take a griper and tighten up the nut. With the help of a screw, you will avoid the jack from rotating along with the nut.

Now, if the issue is resolved, then well and good. But, if the jack is still loose, you will have to reach the inner side of the jack.

Remove all of the strings

For repairing the input jack from the inside, you need to identify the main issue. So, for this, you will have to remove all of the guitar strings first. To reach out to the inner part of the input jack, you need to have proper access to the soundhole. So, first of all, remove all the strings to avoid any damage to the strings or to your hand.

Attach a metallic or wooden rod into the jack

After removing the strings, remove the outer nut of the jack. Use the same method to remove the nut which you used for tightening it up. Now, take a wooden or metallic quarter-inch rod and fix it inside the input jack. After it, push the rod inside and let the jack reach the soundhole. With this method, you will not have to put your hands inside the guitar.

Check for the inner nut

Most probably, the issue is with the inner nut. So, tighten it up and check if it’s good to go or not. You do not need to fix the jack for checking the inner nut. Just check if it fits finely onto the jack or not. If yes, then fix the jack. If not, you will have to remove the jack.

Change the entire jack

This is what you would not like to experience. So, if the issue is with your jack, you need to, first of all, detach all of the wires attached to the jack. After it, remove the jack and attach the wires to the new jack.

Attach and tighten up the new jack

For this, you will have to attach the wooden quarter-inch rod to the new jack and pull it towards the jack hole. Now take the jack out of the hole and tighten up the outer nut of the jack. This is how you’ll be able to resolve issues related to an old and loose jack.

Why is my guitar input jack always loose?

It is one of those things that we guitarists hate a lot, yet we have to face it. So, if you own an acoustic guitar and its input or output jack is always loose despite tightening it a lot, there are a few things that you need to check. First, make sure that both inside and outside nuts of the jack are attached firmly and are tight to their fullest. 

Secondly, ensure that the nut you are using is new. Because most of the time, the nut we use is stripped, and it slips off the thread of the input jack. So, always check the nut, and if it does not sound good, change it. Lastly, it is possible that the thread of the input jack is old enough to support the nut, and this is why the nut slips off the input jack. If this is the case, you will have to remove the entire input jack and replace it as soon as possible.

Do I need to have a guitar jack tightener?

Well, it depends on your requirement and will to get it. For us, a tightening tool does not work well, and we always love to replace or repair our input jack manually. However, if you feel that you cannot do this all alone and you need some support, get supportive tools. 

For this, you can get a guitar input jack tightener. It is easily available, and the best part is that this tool is quite easy to use. Along with it, a guitar input jack tightening tool will help you tighten the input jack with minimum effort and quite efficiently. 

How much does it cost to replace an input jack?

If you are looking for the exact cost of repairing or replacing a guitar input jack, this is something impossible to tell. However, an average guitar input jack replacement would cost you around $10 to $15. 

We all know that the prices of guitars vary from model to model, and manufacturers also play an important role in it. So, if you have got an expensive guitar and want to replace the input jack of it, then it may cost you a lot. 

Also, we would suggest that if you have an original input jack installed, go for repairing it instead of changing it. Repairing might cost a lot more than replacing, but you will have that company-fitted original jack that would last a lot longer than any new jack. 

So, if you think that your input jack is out of order, you must look to repair it. A good guitar jack might cost you around $25 for repairs. So, whenever you have the option to choose either replacement or repairing, always go with repairing when you have got an original jack. 


If you had a loose input jack and wanted to make it firm, this article must have helped you to the best. Above, we have guided you in detail on how to tighten the acoustic guitar input jack. So, by following the instructions mentioned above, you will be able to resolve issues related to your input jack. But, if you still have any misconceptions, hit us with a message. We will be there to help you out.

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