Can You Play Electric Guitar Without A Pick

Playing electric guitar is such a fun thing that no guitarist would like to miss it. However, the main issue is that you always have to play electric guitar using a plectrum. However, is it really necessary to use a plectrum for an electric guitar? Can you play electric guitar without a pick? This is what most of us want to know but get no clear idea about it.

Yes, you can play electric guitar without a pick. It is all about your preferences and if you feel good without a pick, go for it unless it doesn’t affect the sound.

However, if you wanna know more about an electric guitar and the use of the plectrum below is the article that you must follow.


Do You Need A Pick For An Electric Guitar?

Not really. Using a plectrum for your electric guitar is what depends entirely on the player. If you are comfortable while playing without a pick, go for it. However, without a pick, you will have to ensure certain things.

First of all, without a pick, the sound produced by an electric guitar will be softer than you get while playing with a pick. You must remember that without a pick, you are not going to create a sharp sound.

Secondly, without a pick, the sound will not be as louder as you get when you play using a pick. So, if you are on stage and do not want to use a pick, you will have to adjust the amp and the speakers accordingly. If you can overcome these things, you are good to play even without a pick.

What Alternates Of Pick You Have For Electric Guitar

In most cases, playing without a pick is not our choice but compulsion. So, for such cases, you must have some alternatives to help you play well, even without a pick.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, we have come up with certain alternatives that you can use when you have no pic available.

Use A Coin Instead Of a Pick

One of the best alternatives for picking is a coin. A coin is what helps you get the perfect sound out of your guitar. Coins are available in all sizes, so you can choose whatever you want and start playing.

The best thing about a coin is that it helps you get a loud, sharp, and fresh sound. So, when you have no pick and you do not want to use your fingers on the sharp strings of an electric guitar, go for a coin. 

Aluminum Foil Can Help To Play Electric Guitar

You may know it or not, but aluminum foil can be the best alternative to a plectrum. What you need to do is take a small piece of aluminum foil, fold it to get the desired thickness, and shape it like a pick.

Once you are done doing it, go for a sound check. We bet our words that the sound you get while playing with aluminum foil is so unique that you would love rocking on stage.

Use Your Fingers For Playing Electric Guitar

Though this might sound odd, your fingers can help you play the electric guitar if there is no pick available. We do it on acoustic guitars, but on electric guitars, this practice is not so common as an electric guitar comes up with thin gauge strings that might hurt your fingers.

However, if you need to use your fingers in an emergency, what you need to do is join your index finger and thumb as if you are holding a pick. After it, strum the string for a smooth and soft electric sound.

A Plastic Piece Can Help You Play Electric Guitar

This method is not recommended at all, but if you need something in an emergency, a plastic piece can be your best pick. Picks are made up of plastic, so while using the plastic piece, there will be no change of sound.

However, the reason we do not recommend this method is that the plastic piece might damage the body of your guitar. While playing electric guitar, we only want to rock the stage, and in such conditions, there are high chances of stretching the body of your guitar. So, use a plastic piece if you are sure of not damaging the body of your guitar.

Cons of Using Plectrum Alternatives For Electric Guitar?

Most of you might not agree, but using temporary alternatives to your pick has some cons too. First of all, when you use different things instead of a pick, the grip of your hands on that particular item is not sturdy. So, there are chances that you might slip it out of your hand while playing.

Secondly, a pick is designed in a way that even if it hits the body of your guitar, the chances of getting scratched are minimal. But, with all other things, there are high chances of scratching the guitar or even damaging it.

Lastly, if you are using different things to play the electric guitar, the sound will vary. So, you must be ready to witness sound damage with such things that you are using to play your guitar.

Will Electric Guitar Sound Good With A Pick?

Certainly, an electric guitar will sound good with a pick. A pick is there to help you play your guitar with no issues faced. With a pick in your hand, you are good to string as hard as you want to. Along with it, with a preference in your hand, it is easy to pick single notes with ease too.

Moreover, one of the best things about a pick is that you will be able to play rock music with ease. With a pick, the electric guitar will offer a sharp, fresh, and loud sound. And, if you are going for a smooth sound, get a thin gauge pick.

Is It Ok To Strum Guitar Without A Pick?

Well, this is something that varies from player to player. However, if you ask in general, then it is quite ok to play the guitar without a pick. A pick is used to offer you a loud sound and protects your hands with the sharp strings of your guitar.

However, if you have no pick available or you are experienced enough to use your hands without hurting them, you are good to go. There is no big issue with strumming a guitar without a pick.

However, you must know that without a pick, the sound produced by the guitar will be soft and smooth. So, if you’re ok with it, then you are good to strum without using a pick.

What Is The Purpose Of A Guitar Pick?

In simple words, a guitar pick is used to pick the strings of your guitar, and this is why we call it pick. However, the reason we use a pick is to create loudness without hurting your hands. A pick is not an essential element of your guitar, but if you do not want to hurt your hands, there is no more important element than a pick.

All in all, the purpose of a is to offer you a loud sound so that your audience can hear you with ease. Along with it, this also helps to protect your hands. Lastly, if you are bad at fingerpicking, a pick is what will help you pick single notes with ease.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Electric Guitar Without A Pick?

The electric guitar is known best for producing sharp, fresh, and loud music. However, this is not the case all the time. There are cases when a musician needs to create a soft and smooth sound out of an electric guitar, and this is where we need to keep picking aside.

If you love blues music, you would like to play an electric guitar without a pick. Playing an electric guitar allows you to create smooth music, and this is what most of your audience loves to hear. So, if you are someone who loves soft music, playing the electric guitar without a pick is what you need to choose.


To conclude, we are good to say that this article is a treasure for those who want to know that you can play the electric guitar without a pick. This is something that we struggled to know. But, with this article, you are not going to have any issues with such a question.

Whether you want to play an electric guitar with or without a pick, this is the article to help you out. So, following this article is the best option you have got. However, if you find anything missing or want to have any additional information, do let us know. We’ll be there to help you out.

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