Can I Learn Guitar and Bass at The Same Time

Beginners often ask the question of learning two instruments together. Can I learn guitar and bass at the same time.? Learning one guitar is itself a very demanding ask. 

Guitar and bass are two very different instruments. Other than the similarities in design, the two are very different instruments. Learning two at the same time will be troublesome. So better to learn one instrument at one time.

This article will help you decide if you can do this feat. 



There are many advantages of learning both instruments at the same time. Even though the task is difficult, it can still help you in many aspects. The benefits of playing guitar and the bass together are as follows:

  • Enhanced musicality
  • Recognition of individual roles in different songs
  • Combination of playing techniques
  • Ease of playing in a band
  • Quick learning of music theory
  • Enhanced Musicality

The major benefit is that you become a better musician. Learning two instruments together allows you to have a better grip. You can deal with different aspects of your song yourself. You will not be needing to hire new people. You can play basslines and solos for your songs all by yourself. 

It will take some time to get used to this stuff. But once you are past your initial struggles, it becomes a walk in the park. It will also help you learn your scales better. You will be able to play different genres at the same time. 

Recognition of Individual Roles in Different Songs

Guitars and bass play different roles in a song. Guitars are more versatile. You can use guitars in a supporting role and play rhythms. You can also play lead and solos on a guitar. Guitars are the most prominent instruments in performances and songs. Bass guitars only play supporting roles. Bass lines create the foundation on which you can compose songs. 

Learning both instruments at the same time will give you an edge. You will learn the use of bass lines as the framework of songs. Your music listening skills also improve at a very quick rate. You will understand song dynamics better. 

Combination of Playing Techniques

The techniques you play on guitars and bass have a similar basis. Yet, they are very different from each other. Both right- and left-hand techniques have different playability. On guitars, you rest your palm on the bridge. The resting position of hands differs according to the technique you are playing on bass. 

Additionally, bass guitars have a longer fretboard. So, you must stretch your fingers more. These stretching exercises will come in handy when you play guitars. You will learn the best left-hand positions on a guitar. This will come in handy when you play tricky genres like Jazz on guitars. The jazz chords have some very difficult left-hand positions. 

Ease of Playing in a Band

Learning both instruments will increase your chances of playing in a band as well. You need to find the bands that are looking for a guitarist or a bassist. Your odds of joining them will increase. You will have an increased say in your band if you know both instruments. 

You cannot play both instruments during live performances. Yet, you can help the band in the recording session if one of the players is absent. If you know both instruments, it will give you a much-needed boost.

You will be more confident in your playing. You can play both the rhythms and the solos for your band.

Quick Learning of Music Theory

Most budding guitarists shy away from learning the music theory. This is even a common joke among musicians. They learn one or two important scales like “the pentatonic scale.” Later, they play according to their feelings. This limits their musical ability. It also hampers their understanding of the fretboard.

Playing both instruments will force you to learn music theory. You must think about the complicated aspects of music. So, you learn music theory. It garnishes your playing. You get a better command of both instruments.

The bass guitar tuning is an octave lower than the guitar. Guitar scales and bass lines differ a lot. Thus, you learn music theory better. 

How Do You Learn Guitar and Bass at the Same Time?

The question is dependent on your choice. If you have already decided, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Learning one instrument is difficult itself. You will face the highest-level difficulty tackling two together. But, difficulty should not discourage you. 

You should have ample leisure time. This will ensure that you get the most practice. It requires much practice to learn both instruments together. You should practice each instrument for an hour daily at least.

This is the minimum time you need to devote. But, you ought to spend much more time than that. You ought to keep in mind the expenses. You need to have an amp if learning bass. Also, look for a teacher who can play both instruments. 

Is It Better to Learn Bass or Guitar First?

The question is again a choice of preference. There is no correct answer that fits this question. You must be clear about your goals. You should be clear about what skills or abilities you want to develop. Most people suggest you learn guitar first as it is a common practice. The guitar is more versatile, and you can transition to bass. 

Learning guitar will give help you build strong foundations. You will know more about musical theory. The transition to bass becomes easier. Most musicians consider bass an easy instrument to learn than guitars. It was the way Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles chose. So, it is a better choice. 

Can I Play Bass and Guitar at The Same Time?

The answer is yes. It is possible to learn both instruments together. You must have ample time and a good instructor. Also, you should be patient. Guitars are more versatile instruments than bass. But, if you can learn them, you will grow more as a musician. 

The basic theory is very much alike. Bass tuning is an octave lower than guitars. The top 4 strings of a guitar and bass are similar. You may get a challenge with the right-hand techniques. The left-hand playing technique is also very different for both instruments. But, this does not mean that you cannot learn them together. 


The choice is yours. Personal preferences matter for a musician. You cannot be a good bassist if you yearn to play guitars. You will never grow as a guitarist if you like bass more. You can learn both instruments at the same time. You must figure out your goals first. 

Learning both instruments at the same time requires more time and patience. A good instructor becomes necessary. Also, your expenses increase. It would ask you to have an amp for playing bass. 

But, learning both instruments together has some advantages. It will help you grow more as a musician. It will allow you to compose your songs yourself. It will free you from many limitations. It will end your dependency on outside help. 

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