Can A Left-Handed Person Play A Right-Handed Guitar

Left-handed guitarists are rare, but they do exist. And, being a left-handed guitarist, it’s hard to find a good guitar. These guitars are rare and not all sound good. So, can a left-handed person play a right-handed guitar?

Well, precisely speaking, a left-handed person can certainly play a right-handed guitar, but for this, there are a lot of things that need to be done. You need to change and adjust strings and change the playing style a lot more.

For detailed insight below we will elaborate on everything about a left-handed person playing a right-handed guitar.


Can Left-Handed People Play Normal Guitars?

Certainly, a left-handed person can play normal guitar. Normal guitars are the word that we use for right-handed guitars as they are one of the most common types of guitars available in the market. So, if you are left-handed and failing to find a good left-handed one, then you can opt to play a right-handed or what we call a normal guitar.

For this, you can either change the strings of the guitar from a right-hand perspective to a left one, or you can learn to play as a right-handed guitarist. Learning to play as a right-hand guitarist is not as hard as it seems; you need to put in some extra hours of jamming, and you are good to go. With this method, you’ll be able to play all the guitars available on the market. So, you are good to choose whatever method suits you.

Is There Any Difference Between Right-Handed And Left-Handed Guitar?

Well, if you are going to find structural differences, there will be none. Both types of guitars are made on the same principles, and this is why no matter what type of guitar you get, they sound guitar. However, there are certain differences between a right-hand and a left-hand guitar that you must know.

First of all, the placement of the strings of both of these guitars is vice-versa. The E-high of a right-hand guitar will be the E-low string of a left-hand guitar.

Secondly, the curve on the waist of these two guitars is on changed sides.

These two are the main differences between a right-hand and a left-hand guitar. Other than that, both of these guitars are more or less the same. So, if you want to differentiate between these two guitars, the above-listed differences will assist you.

Why Should You Play Right-Handed Guitar As A Left-Handed Player?

Ask any top guitarist about a good left-hand guitar; they will suggest you become a right-handed guitarist. This might sound annoying, but there are a lot of reasons behind it. So, let’s jump and find out the reasons why you should play right-handed guitar as a left-handed player.

Easy To Access

One of the main reasons that most guitarists suggest you become a right-hand guitarist is the easy accessibility of right-handed guitars in the market. No matter where you live, it is always hard to find quality left-hand guitars. Left-handed guitar players are quite low in quantity, and this is why manufacturers rarely make left-handed guitars.

So, if you are a left-handed guitarist, it will be good if you learn to become a right-hand guitarist. This is how you will never face issues about having good guitars.

Not So Expensive As Left-Handed Guitars

When the quantity of a product decreases, the price increases, and left-handed guitarists are low in numbers when compared to right-hand guitarists, and this is why the production of left-hand guitars is low. Following this, the manufacturer sells left-hand guitars at higher prices than right-hand guitars.

So, if you are a left-hand guitarist, the first issue you will face is the availability of the guitar, and if you succeed in finding a good guitar, it will cost a lot more than a right-hand guitar. This is why guitarists suggest you become a right-hand guitarist if you are going to learn guitar.

No Issues While Using Others’ Guitars

As a guitarist, when you play in a group, you have to use other’s guitars too. There are cases when you do not have your guitar in the right condition, and you use your group mate’s guitars. So, how will you do it if you are a left-handed guitarist and there is no other left-handed guitarist?

So, for this very reason, professionals always suggest you become a right-handed guitarist, even if you are a right-handed person.

How Will You Be Able To Play A Right-Handed Guitar As A Lefty?

Below, we will elaborate on how you can use a right-handed guitar as a left-handed guitarist.

Unstrung And Restrung Your Guitar

The best way to convert your right-handed guitar into a left-handed guitar, you only need to unstring and restring your guitar. This is the most popular and easiest way to convert a right-hand guitar into a left-handed guitar and vice versa.

What you need to do is remove all the strings and place them in descending order according to a left-hand guitar. Once you are done doing it, tune your guitar and check if the sound is good or not. If there is no issue with the sound, you are good to go.

Choose To Become A Right-Handed Guitarist

The other way to play a right-hand guitar is by becoming a right-hand guitarist. Though there is another way that allows you to play the right-hand guitar as a left-handed player, that way, you will have to play the guitar upside down. The method is so hard that we suggest you become a right-handed guitarist. This is the best way to avoid issues of having a left-handed guitar.

Do Lefties Need A Left-Handed Guitar?

Certainly, lefties need a left-handed guitar like fish need water. There is nothing perfect for a lefty than playing a quality left-hand guitar. In most cases, left-handed people either try to play a right-hand guitar or convert a right-hand guitar into a left-handed guitar.

But, this in no way means that a lefty does not need a left-handed guitar. If a lefty is given the option of playing a quality left-hand guitar, there will be no better thing than it. So, it is true that a lefty needs a left-handed guitar.

Is Guitar Harder For Left-Handed People?

Yes, it is hard, but as hard as it is for right-handed people. The guitar is one of the hardest instruments to play. So, it is true that the guitar is hard to play, but there is no such thing as the guitar being hard for left-handed people and easy for right-handed people.

If the right type of guitar is available, the lefty will have to make the same effort as the right-handed guitarist. However, in most cases, left-hand guitars are not available on the market, and this is what makes it hard for a lefty to play the guitar.

They either have to learn to play a right-handed guitar, or they will have to make some changes to play a right-handed guitar as a lefty. So, this is something that makes people think that lefty finds it hard to play the guitar.

Are Left-Handed Guitarists Rare?

It is true that left-handed guitarists are rare. In the guitar world, there are hardly 10 to 20 percent left-handed guitarists and the rest of them are all right-handed. But what is the reason behind it? What makes left-handed guitarists so rare?

Well, there are two reasons behind it. The first one is that in the early days, most of the guitarists failed to find a left-hand guitar, and this demotivates them enough that they stopped playing the guitar.

Second, when some left-handed people fail to find good left-handed guitars, they transform themselves into right-handed guitarists. These two are the most common reasons why lefty guitarists are so rare.

Why Are Left-Handed Guitars So Expensive?

The reason is simple. The production of left-hand guitars is quite low when compared to the right-hand or what we call normal guitars. So, when the manufacturer creates a reduced amount of guitars of the same quality, the price increases. And this is the only reason why we have such an expensive left-hand guitar.

People think that there are cheaper alternatives, but we bet our words that those guitars are not worth spending your money on. These guitars are of low quality and will not sound as good as you expect them to. Along with it, such cheap guitars have high action that will make playing so hard that you will think of leaving the guitar.

So, if you are a lefty, you will have to pay more than normal and if you do not want to, then convert a right-hand guitar into a left one. But never bet on cheap guitars.

Can You Restring A Guitar To Make It Lefty?

Certainly, you can. You know you can restore a guitar, and if you want to convert it into a left-hand guitar, you will have to make minor changes before installing them. What you need to do is change the positions of the strings.

For this, you will have to make the first string the last string and the last string the first string, and the same goes with other strings too. This is the best way you can restring a guitar and make a lefty. The process is easy, takes minimum time, and there is no expertise needed in it. However, you will face issues as the curve of the waist is on the top.

But, if you have an acoustic guitar, this, too, will not be an issue as the curve in an acoustic guitar is the same on both sides of the guitar.


To end, we are good to say that the article above has elaborated perfectly that a left-handed person can play a right-handed guitar. Whether you are a left-hand or right-hand player, the article is the perfect place to land on.

Above, we have offered you some tips to play a right-hand guitar and a lefty and also answered some of the most asked questions by a lefty guitarist. However, if you find anything missing or need any additional information relating to the title, do let us know. We will be there to help you out. 

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