Can Electric Guitars Be Wireless

Can electric guitars be wireless

We, as humans, always look up for comfort. Let it be playing the drum or a guitar. The biggest hurdle between comfort and guitar is its wire. At some point, every guitarist questions, can electric guitars be wireless? Yes, electric guitars can be wireless. You get two options for converting them wirelessly, either through the … Read more

Why Do Acoustic Guitars Have Fewer Frets

Why Do Acoustic Guitars Have Fewer Frets

Almost all of the present-day electric guitarists once started their journey with an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are easy to understand, help in understanding the chord progression, and the finger-picking experience of an acoustic guitar is what helps you master any other guitar with ease. But have you ever thought about why do acoustic guitars … Read more

Solid Wood vs Laminated Acoustic Guitars

solid wood vs laminated acoustic guitars

Solid wood vs Laminated acoustic guitars, is a recurring debate. A variety of woods can be used for manufacturing an acoustic guitar. The major kinds include mahogany, spruce, and maple. But the most important aspect that governs the decision is to make a choice between solid wood and laminate acoustic guitars. The main difference between … Read more

How to Polish a Satin Finish Guitar

how to polish a satin finish guitar

How to polish a satin finish guitar is a recurring question among the owners. These guitars are non-shiny guitars. These guitars have a rough appearance. So, people are often tempted to polish these guitars and get a good shine. Satin guitars are also known as matte guitars.  The satin finish guitars do not end up … Read more