Zonda  Flute ZFL-101 Rental

Zonda Flute ZFL-101 Rental

$35.00 $35.00

Initial Rental period of 2 months $35.00

$35 Per month thereafter plus optional $3 insurance

The 101 has a precision cut head joint which helps improve the response and tone. Beginners as well as more experienced players will appreciate the focus and power they can achieve. The mechanism is durable but sprung the way a flute should be. It responds under the hand without effort, light and quick. The 101’s silver-plated finish is also extremely durable and will keep this beautiful flute looking that way for many years.

  • Key of C
  • Tuning A=442
  • Body Style Type 1A
  • Body Material Japanese Nickel Silver
  • Headjoint Standard Cut
  • Key Material Nickel Silver
  • Footjoint C Foot
  • Plating Silver
  • Key System Offset G
  • Key Type Plateau
  • Spring Material Stainless Steel
  • Screw Material Straight, headed pivot
  • Bumper Material Cork
  • Pad Type Skin/Felt
  • Top/Bottom adjusting screws Top


  • Deluxe Hard Shell ABS case
  • Zonda Flute Swab
  • Wooden Cleaning Rod